How to regulate water consumption

In the Italian stores, Autogrill’s water is supplied by the municipal waterworks. Water is used for the operation of toilets, kitchen activities and the firefighting system. Locations far from municipal waterworks networks are supplied with water drawn from wells and/or surface water, while water drainage is compliant with the applicable Italian national and local regulations. The segment most involved in water management is Food & Beverage, because in the Travel Retail segment (mainly developed in airports), water consumption is extremely limited.

In the stores where Autogrill is responsible for the management of toilets, the largest quantity of water used is concentrated there. Unlike energy, water is a source that is only partially renewable and, consequently, savings can only be accomplished by reducing consumption. In this respect, Autogrill is deeply committed. In all major countries in which the Group operates, stores use rainwater for the toilets, while progressively a self-cleaning mechanical system is being installed in the stores to replace the traditional water-based system. In recent years, water regulation systems, two-way water taps, air/water mixer valves and presence detection systems have been installed to optimize water consumption.

As with power, actions targeting savings and reduced consumption are continuously combined with control and prevention systems in the main stores.