The environment and supplier relations

The Group pays a great deal of attention to ethical and environmental aspects in the supplier selection process. This means adding an additional layer of assessment in addition to material quality and process reliability.
Selecting the right suppliers with whom to support the Group’s commitment towards eco-sustainability means facilitating dialogue with category associations and organizations operating in different fields, which can become important mediators and also facilitate the process of technological and cultural innovation that the sustainability challenge requires. As for Travel Retail, The World Duty Free Group UK is investing massively in improving its supply chain. To this end, in 2012 a competition was launched to identify a single carrier (responsible for consolidating pickups from supplier warehouses to the World Duty Free Group distribution center in the UK), thus targeting improved delivery flow and a lower carbon footprint as a result of a reduced number of vehicles on the road and, consequently, lower atmospheric emissions of CO2. Moreover, the World Duty Free Group UK is collaborating with suppliers to reduce and eliminate packaging that is non-recyclable or potentially harmful to the environment.  On one hand, suppliers were requested to only use recyclable packaging and, on the other, a list of approved materials was drafted and made available regarding eco-sustainable packaging materials for the purpose of increasing supplier awareness about achieving improvement in the use of ecosustainable packaging.