Environmental certifications

In Food & Beverage segment

In the Food & Beverage segment, some Group companies improved the relevant management systems to obtain important environmental certifications:

  • in France, the Canaver store was certified EHQ (Environmental High Quality); the Ambrussum store, near Montpellier, obtained both the EHQ (Environmental High Quality) and the LEB (Low Energy Building) certifications;
  • in Italy, in 2012 the ISO14001:2004 certification was renewed for the headquarters, the Brianza Sud store and the stores within the Torino Caselle airport, as well as the EMAS certification for the headquarters and the Brianza Sud store;
  • in Spain, the ISO14001:2004 certification for the Telefonica headquarters in Madrid was confirmed for 2012;
  • in the United States, the Bethesda headquarters is Energy Star;
  • procedures to obtain the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification are currently in progress for the “Delaware Welcome Center” in the US, 16 stores located along the Canadian highway network and the Italian Villoresi Est store.


In Travel Retail segment

In the Travel Retail segments the following best practices are worthy of note:

  • In 2012 the World Duty Free Group UK extended the ISO14001:2004 certification, an internationally acknowledged standard, testifying to the adoption of an effective Environmental Management System, for all of its stores and distribution centers located in the UK;
  • the World Duty Free Group operations regarding the management of the activities inside the Spanish airports, have adopted the “Environmental Policy of Spanish Airports” guidelines, defined by the AENA (Aerepuertos Españoles y Navegacion Aerea) airport authority, whose objective is to reduce the impact of packaging used in airports, defining targeted actions on volumes and designing alternatives that allow for recycling and re-use;
  • from the product certification perspective, the Spanish division of the World Duty Free Group uses highly energy efficient equipment, certified by Energy Star (a program financed by the US government to support enterprises and individuals protecting the environment through good practices and high energy efficiency products), to manage a system that controls air ventilation and lights switching off in its locations.