Ongoing audits to always ensure quality

Collaboration between the Group and its partners is mutually enhancing when regulated by precise policies and procedures, and it is therefore in Autogrill’s interest to identify assessment tools that verify supplier conformity, which is necessary to continue working together. Assessment and verification are indispensable to ensure high quality standards for all products and services. For this reason periodic audits have been designed, employing screening activities implemented in different ways, through questionnaires, (direct or indirect) information collection, sampling and audits.

Product quality and safety in the Food & Beverage restaurants is ensured thanks to the efforts of all the players involved in the process: production, shipping, selling and distribution. A very accurate cycle, that begins with animal wellbeing and continues with processing hygiene and safe transportation. This is a successful system because it starts from supplier selection and is based on the comprehensive sharing of values and objectives between the Group and its commercial partners. In the Food & Beverage sector, both in the United States and in Italy, all suppliers undergo preventive audits to ascertain the level of compliance with quality standards defined by the company according to H.A.C.C.P. (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) procedures, which envisage accurate microbiological analyses along the entire supply chain and are conducted periodically, according to a risk assessment logic.
Additional audits by in-house and independent specialists are also performed to verify compliance with the applicable hygiene-health standards and assess the correct implementation of the self-control plan of the management system adopted in the various countries in which the Group operates Food & Beverage activities.

Moreover, as a manager of licensed brands, the Autogrill Group is also the object of audits by partner brands. This aspect of partnerships with more or less prominent brands also helps maintain the highest quality standards over time.

In Travel Retail & Duty-Free, the Group selects the best suppliers that offer quality, genuine products, based on the requests and requirements identified through periodic market research activities. Even though global partners are typically selected, in some cases local suppliers are found that can offer products particularly suitable for a given geographical area. In these cases as well, products are selected in compliance with the applicable national regulations, particularly with reference to food products or luxury goods.