Solid partnerships

To be an innovative, efficient and effective company, with a commercial offering that is always in line with market requirements, Autogrill has always been cooperating with partner brands, landlords and suppliers, building proactive and responsible relationships.

Over the years, the Group has built up genuine and enduring relations, which have helped not only to offer consumers high-quality products but also to extend knowledge and anticipate consumption trends.
Thanks to this constant synergy, the Group continues to improve its offering, guarantee only high-quality products and stay ahead of the curve (respond proactively anticipating trends).

Partnerships with brands

The cooperation agreement between Autogrill Group and Starbucks Coffee Company — started in the US in 1991, for business in North American airports and highways — was renewed in 2011. Thanks to this important agreement, Autogrill has secured exclusive distribution rights to the Starbucks brand in these two travel channels for another 10 years. Moreover, at the beginning of 2012, the agreement led an extension of the partnership to the international level and the development of new activities in Europe. For the first time, Autogrill introduced the Starbucks brand in its main points of sale in France, initially in railway stations and subsequently at the Marseilles airport. New outlets were opened in the Netherlands, too.
With this operation, Autogrill intends to offer its European customers all the experience and quality of products and services provided by the global leader in coffee roasting and distribution. Starbucks confirms the company’s intention to keep on expanding internationally in the travel retail channel — a segment that is constantly growing all over the world — with the support of a consolidated partner like Autogrill.

In November 2012, after working together for 30 years, the Autogrill Group and Burger King Worldwide signed a new agreement that extends the partnership to France, Switzerland and Poland and launched new initiatives in Italy, the Czech Republic, Germany and the Netherlands. In France, the first opening was at the Marseilles airport. The point of sale quickly became so popular it was necessary to hire new employees to deal with the growing number of customers.

Partnerships with landlords

Another important achievement, consolidating a 10-year cooperation, was the early renewal for another 5 years of the Food & Beverage concession for the 75 points of sale managed by HMSHost at the Amsterdam Schiphol airport. This renewal is estimated to generate revenues of around Euro 2 billion for the period 2013-2027.
In 2012, HMSHost received the FAB Award as Best Food & Beverage Concession Programme for the catering development program at the Schiphol airport.

In December, World Duty Free Group was awarded all the concessions for Duty-Free and Duty-Paid activities in Spain, thus becoming the only industry player in the second European airport market. The Group won the three lots of the tender called by Aena Aeropuertos for the 26 airports in the country (80 points of sale), outperforming major global competitors. The concessions last 7 years and may be extended for another 3 years in agreement with Aena. Five new destinations were added to the 21 where the Group was already operating, thus consolidating an already very strong partnership.
Overall revenues are expected to exceed Euro 7 billion for the period 2013-2020.

Partnerships with suppliers

Establishing good relations with suppliers is essential to obtaining products and services that consistently meet expectations. This is why the partner selection process is totally transparent and based on the Company’s Code of Ethics, General Purchase Conditions and specific corporate procedures developed by individual countries.

As in any business sector or corporate process, supplier selection is deeply rooted in the search for quality, flexibility and maximum professionalism. While on one hand it is clear that raw material (food and non-food) procurement and selection is key for the continuity of Autogrill’s business, on the other, the same holds true for the selection of partnerships: relations with the Group’s suppliers reflect directly on the quality of the products and services offered to consumers.

The strong focus on establishing sound relationships with its suppliers of goods and services (maintenance, cleaning, safety, etc.) is also expressed on an ethical level. In this respect, the US “Procurement Policy & Procedures” policy was developed in order to guarantee equal opportunities and also allow small local businesses to be included in the Autogrill supplier list without discrimination (based on size, gender, nationality, religion, race, etc.). In Italy, the Group puts great ethical emphasis on supplier selection. In Italy, the General Purchase Conditions stipulate that suppliers comply with the Autogrill Code of Ethics and the indications set out in the Organizational Model pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree No. 231/2001. Again in Italy, in 2011 the Group renewed the SA8000 (Social Accountability 8000) certification — originally obtained in 2009 — marking a fundamental step for Autogrill in its commitment to the protection of human rights and workers’ rights, the fight against child labor and the guarantee of health and safety in the workplace along the entire supply chain. This certification enabled the Company to increasingly involve and raise the awareness of its supply chain in relation to the protection of workers’ rights and also in relation to environmental issues, following the attainment of ISO 14001 certification. In fact, along the same lines, the Vendor platform was launched at the end of 2012 to manage supplier qualification and pre-qualification. In this start-up phase, suppliers were asked to complete a questionnaire including 28 specific questions on SA8000.

In 2012, the partnership with Kimbo — started in Italy early in the same year with the new coffee blend developed and included in the Autogrill “Storie di Caffè” offering — was launched in Europe. Besides Italy, the product is now also available in Spain, France, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Greece, the Czech Republic and Poland.

Partnerships are also important in the Travel Retail business. One example is the partnership between World Duty Free Group and Luxottica. In 2012, World Duty Free Group won the prize “Best Dedicated Sunglasses Sales Team” within the “Sunglasses Awards” organized by Luxottica, after already winning the “Supply Chain Team of the Year” prize in 2012, an acknowledgement of overall excellence in supply chain process standards.