Creating value: from people to people

Autogrill’s vision and mission clearly express, in the terminology used, the value of sustainability, intended as a responsible stance towards society, the environment and economic growth.

Despite the unfavorable macro-economic scenario, Autogrill Group continued its support to nonprofit associations operating at the local, national and international level through donations in money by Group companies (direct contribution), funds raised thanks to consumer, employee and partner awareness campaigns (indirect contribution) and donations of food products and/or material goods used in the normal management of stores, thus providing concrete and immediate assistance to numerous associations (contribution in kind and services). In this way, a value-creating cycle and relation is established between the company itself and its employees, partners and consumers.

In 2012 the Autogrill Group donated euro 2.7m, a 25% increase against the amount collected in the previous year, a record high mainly driven by an improved monitoring system of donations in kind in the Food & Beverage sector and increased donations deriving from food in excess, thanks to the extension and consolidation of the partnership with the organization Food Donation Connection in the United States.

€ 2,777.000 were donated in 2012 by the Group and through the uspport of its employees and consumers

Food & Beverage

Every year Autogrill makes a contribution to numerous support and assistance projects organized by associations and foundations scattered throughout the local, national and international territory. In 2012, also as a result of the current global economic scenario, and in particular in Europe, the Group concentrated on the donation of food and meals to associations that are directly in contact with needy people or to organizations that act as mediators between restaurants and food service companies and non-profit organizations operating in the social sector.

In 2012, donations in kind involved various local and national food banks, particularly in Italy and the United States. Autogrill Italia renewed its commitment in favor of the needy through the donation of food products for a total of more than euro 280,000, mainly donated to associations like Fondazione Banco Alimentare and other less prominent groups, though also very active and present at the national level. Moreover, at the Roma Termini railway station, a collaboration has been set up with an association that collects excess food from the Autogrill stores at the end of the day and distributes it to the homeless living around the railway station. Also in Spain, a similar activity was started with the local food bank. In the latter case, employees are invited to collect and ship to the central offices in Spain bottles of olive oil — an essential ingredient in the Mediterranean diet — or other perishable food. The project, now in its fifth edition, was launched during Christmas under the “Christmas for all” banner. In the United States, HMSHost collaborates with Food Donation Connection, developing programs for the donation of food products for the stores located at the airports and on the highway. Food Donation Connection is a private US company that acts as a bridge between restaurants and food service companies willing to donate excess food and local associations operating in the social field, which distribute the food to the needy. Over 45 airports and numerous stores located on the highway participate in the program.

Many direct and indirect donations refer to long term partnerships with associations and foundations dealing with medical assistance and research, like the American Cancer Society, charities like the United Way, but also assistance to children like the Children’s Miracle Network and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. In addition, Autogrill Group selects other forms of assistance to associations from year to year. The close collaboration between employees and consumers make it possible to raise significant amounts to support important long term projects.

In Italy, after the earthquake of last May 2012 in the Emlia region, a “solidarity chain” was established to support colleagues and the population hit, which sufferent significant damage.

Travel Retail & Duty-Free

As for Travel Retail, the international nature of the business makes it possible to collect and distribute donations globally, in Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia.

World Duty Free Group focused its commitment on young people and education, combining direct donations and fund raising activities carried out by employees. For World Duty Free Group, each country should be in a position to support a local project with the involvement of all employees.

Among the several initiatives worthy of mention is the partnership between World Duty Free Group and The One Foundation, established in 2006, revolving around the sale of the “One Water” bottles and jute bags, the revenues of which go to financing the installation of top-notch water pumping systems in Africa: the PlayPumps. The PlayPumps are water pumping systems that rely on children’s carousels to extract fresh and clean water from the soil and store it in tanks, to be distributed later to entire communities. In 2012, World Duty Free Group raised and donated euro 182,237 in favor of The One Foundation. A number of employees operating in the stores which scored the best results in the sale of the “One Water” bottles participated in a journey to Malawi to see the concrete fruits of this activity in action.
Still within the partnership with The One Foundation, in 2012 a challenge was launched in the UK to understand the problems faced by those living in extreme poverty. Thirteen people of the London offices and a group of employees from Edimburgh committed to living on not more than five pounds for five days. During the performance of the project, they collected more than euro 18,000, which The One Foundation will use to build kitchens in two schools in Malawi.

Long term partnerships continue between WDFG and, for instance, Fundación Xaley, Fundación Padre Arrupe and, in particular, the ten-year-long collaboration with the non-profit private foundation Fundación Iberoamericana Down21, responsible for the first project ever dedicated to people suffering from Down’s Syndrome, which led to the development of a network: canal down21. This is an ambitious idea revolving around the synergistic collaboration of foundations, associations, schools, universities, hospitals and other national and international institutions directly or indirectly involved in disseminating knowledge about Down’s Syndrome or supporting research. In 2012 World Duty Free Group donated euro 45,000 and also thanks to this contribution the network was able to grow beyond the boundaries of Spain, thus becoming a permanent point of reference for all Spanish-speaking countries.

In Spain WDFG also focused its attention on the environment, specifically concentrating on marine areas at risk, in collaboration with WWF. In this respect, also in 2012 the revenues from the sale of each biodegradable bag were donated to WWF Spain, continuing a collaboration that dates back to 2009 and which is promoting the creation of a network of Protected Marine Areas by 2020. This network is expected to extend to at least 10% of the Spanish marine areas and include 64 areas offshore and around the Balearic Islands.