Focus Story: Contentainment

Focus story: ContentainmentThe airport is no longer just a necessary step between departure and destination. Today, the airport is experienced as a place of interest, where it is not only a pleasure to spend some time, but which could indeed become desirable. “Contentainment”, the digital marketing tool developed by World Duty Free Group, was created with this mission.

Contentainment means promoting the right product at the right moment, in the right place and manner, engaging and entertaining the customer in an emotionally high-impact experience. This is all based on knowing the consumer, which enables a detailed profiling of the different travelers: “destination targeting” is a business model that makes the customer unique. Cross-checking and studying airport traffic information and Group store data helps understand consumers and speak to them with the right communication, the most suitable space layout, the best trained staff and above all with a targeted offering.

Contentainment makes the most of technology to attract, engage and inspire customers thanks to screens and projections, giving them the opportunity to watch — even in an unusual setting, such as an airport — important events on TV and video screens, creating a link with outside reality.
Even the organization of ad hoc live events is part of the multi-channel communication of Contentainment, because these create entertainment and participation and also involve a very high number of passengers in an unexpected show, such as music, dance and games.

Once customers’ attention has been captured, it is key to present the offering in the best way possible, organizing and managing spaces with stands and corners specially designed to highlight the product being launched or promoted (or already known and successful), so that customers have the chance of directly interacting with it. A professional, multilingual staff, able to reflect the brand they are presenting while at the same time relating to the people they are speaking with, is a simple and direct way to talk to the customers.

Today, the Contentainment in-store marketing and merchandising program has been implemented in UK airports and has just started in North America, in Vancouver precisely. The aim is to invest in the project and then extend it to all World Duty Free Group activities.