Focus Story: People Engagement Survey

People engagement survey

For a company providing products and services to people, human resources represent a fundamental and strategic asset to ensure business success. Their engagement is a key lever and a priority for the company.
In addition, in the current European economic scenario, where the management of human resources has become a very delicate issue due to the organizational challenges that businesses have to face, Autogrill Group believed it even more important to know and deeply understand employees’ opinions.
Do you feel good?“Do you Feel good?” is the first People Engagement Survey addressing all employees of the Food & Beverage area in Europe, designed to measure employee engagement level. The survey involved more than 22,000 people in 13 countries and approximately 800 stores and was translated in 10 languages.
Launched in November 2012, the survey reached a 67% redemption level with 15,084 questionnaires filled out, scoring a 59% employee engagement index.
Based on the fundamental pillars of employee engagement (Satisfaction: the level of satisfaction with one’s job; Advocacy: the level of recommendation of one’s company outside; Pride: the level of pride with which one performs a job within an organization; Commitment: the level of commitment that an employee brings to his/her job), different areas of interest were measured, with the purpose of laying the foundations to start a structured and measurable process of improvement at all levels within the organization.
Each country and each store will access data and be involved in the development of the resulting action plan. The project represents a starting point for an ongoing process of improvement, whose effectiveness will be benchmarked on a yearly basis through the repetition of the survey.

Following the analysis of the outcomes derived from the survey, the established action includes:

  • Priority identification and planning;
  • Action implementation;
  • Work in progress monitoring.

The collaboration with an external supplier ensured the anonymous management of questionnaires and the possibility of relying on a market benchmark based on the results obtained.

“Do you Feel good?” also provided the opportunity to assist needy children. In partnership with Unicef, a nutrition project was selected: for each questionnaire filled out, Autogrill donated to Unicef three Plumpynut packs, the next generation therapeutic food specifically designed for undernourished infants, corresponding to a day of nutritional treatment for a severely undernourished child.

The “Do you Feel good?” survey was developed along with the best practices shared within the Group.
This is the result of an adaptation to Food & Beverage of a best practice implemented by World Duty Free Group, which has been annually measuring employee engagement since 2009.

LinkedIn fact, in addition to “Do you Feel good?”, the World Duty Free Group also carried out the “LINKed” survey, likewise dedicated to employee engagement, for the fourth consecutive year. This survey was extended for the first time to all Travel Retail countries.
Three kick off dates between October 2012 and March 2013 were selected to allow for planning and questionnaire completion.
The following three areas of interest were analyzed in the questionnaire:

  • Say: the propensity to speak about the company in positive terms;
  • Stay: the engagement and desire to continue working in the organization;
  • Strive: the dedication and commitment instilled in one’s job.

To date, only the results relative to the United Kingdom and the two central offices of London and Madrid are available, which achieved an 84% redemption level on approximately 3,800 people involved. Employee engagement was equal to 84%.
Also for World Duty Free Group the purpose of the survey is to define an action plan to involve all the countries, the stores, the central offices and distribution centers in order to maintain and increase employee engagement and thus contribute to the success of the organization.