The Group’s first strategic area for sustainability

Autogrill Group pays a great deal of attention to managing relations, from relations with employees to those with consumers and the local communities. Taking care to generate value, this is the key concept of any strategic relation aimed at managing and enhancing people, differentiated according to the business area of reference and geographical context, respecting local communities and capitalizing on differences.

The Group is an organization made of people that creates products and services for other people, nourishing a circular and virtuous value-creating circle involving the organization itself and its employees and customers.

Improving employee relation and satisfaction; offering travelers better service; sharing objectives with partners and landlords; carrying out periodic analyses to fully comprehend the landlords, consumers and the characteristics of the markets means being innovative, extending and re-inventing one’s own concepts.

Employees and consumers meet every day on the highway network and in airports all over the world. They have different needs, roles and desires, but they are all part of the same Autogrill Group journey.

The Group invests continuously in recruitment, training, listening, safety in the workplace and wellbeing for its employees, without ever neglecting other important topics like diversity, the co-existence of different cultures and dialogue with the trade unions. The commitment is equally strong to the consumers who visit the stores. This is important in order to guarantee compliance with specific quality standards in all the processes regarding the provision of products and services, to continuously innovate the concepts related to stopovers and the experience of the journey with particular attention to travelers’ needs with an open attitude to interpreting changes, the future and a focus on the long term. The Group’s commitment and attention cannot be limited to the stores, but must also be extended to the local communities through a dialogue that is based on involvement targeted to improving the quality of life and protecting the natural heritage.

This is the multi-faceted scenario in which the Group operates.