Afuture Roadmap

To Autogrill, sustainability is an ongoing and progressive commitment, as shown by the numerous objectives reached through the Afuture project. Today, sustainability is a true challenge: an innovation path punctuated by objectives to reach.

Afuture Roadmap (2012-2015)

Strategic areas for sustainability and improvement objectives

* 10% consumption reduction on the network (comparable PoS) and 30% in the new stores
** Certification for at least 30 new stores

At the end of 2011 a new challenge for the 2012-2015 three-year span was launched: the Sustainability Roadmap. A strategic orientation to supplement a sustainable approach in the management of the operating activities of the two business sectors, defining improvement and innovation objectives for the Group companies in order to identify, design and implement sustainable actions. In 2012, the three strategic areas identified within the Afuture project – People, Product and Planet – became growth vectors orienting the growth of leadership in the industry as well as key orientations for sustainability actions consistent with the Group’s strategic guidelines.

The Roadmap’s primary objective is defining areas for improvement of the Group’s performance and promoting an approach targeting process, product and service innovation, with the ultimate goal of combining sustainability and stakeholders’ expectations both inside and outside the organization.